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Handi Clamp

The Easiest to Use Scroll Frame Available


  • Easy To Use - Durable clamps that allow you to attach the fabric to the scroll rod in moments

  • User Friendly Knobs - No wing nuts or plastic knobs. These are Wooden Ball Knobs which are much easier on the hands.  Especially if you have arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • The clamps are extruded specifically for the Handi Clamp Scroll Frames. They are made from a high impact, high quality, outdoor grade  plastic


  • 100% hardwood - The extender bars are oak, the knobs are maple, and the scroll rods are made of birch.

  • A wide range of sizes means there is a frame that will meet the needs of almost every project

  • LITE Weight - March of 2000 we changed over to lite weight extender bars and knobs.


  • Compatible - All Handi Clamp scroll frame pieces are interchangeable with each other. 

  • Reliable - We do our wood knobs a bit differently.  As a result we have never had one returned for splitting or the insert coming


  • Durability - Besides the 100% hardwoods and the high grade clamps,  ALL wood is finished. The knobs and extender bars receive two coats of finish.


  • Appearance - Because of quality materials and attention to detail, the "Handi Clamp Scroll Frames are more than suitable for displaying your finished work




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