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Handi Clamp

The Easiest to Use Scroll Frame Available

Model Stitched by Christina Morgan

F. A. Edmunds & Co. is proud to present Handi Clamp Scroll Frames.

Handi Clamp Needlework Scroll Frames are the easiest no baste scroll frames available. Quality materials and attention to detail ensure many happy hours of stitching.

No basting - No tape - No split dowels - No thumb tacks

Handi Clamp makes using a scroll frame a pleasurable experience instead of an exercise in frustration.

8" x 20" Scroll Frame Set


Complete Frame Set

2 each 6" & 8" Spreaders, 8", 14" & 20" Scroll Rods, Eight Knobs & Clamps

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Revised:  May 10, 2010

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